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A session with Dr Ling generally requires 45 minutes to an hour. It consists of mainly two phases: the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation followed by the required treatment.

Dr Ling will start with an in-depth and insightful diagnosis to assess the inner environment of your body, employing the ancient Chinese diagnosis arts of pulse palpation and tongue observation. You will be asked your chief complaint, medical history, sleeping patterns, digestion, emotional state, diet, lifestyle and so on. Your health concern and its prognosis will then be explained in both Chinese medicine and modern medicine perspectives. Dr Ling will then draw up a treatment plan according to your needs. It will generally consist of both acupuncture and tailor-made Chinese herbal medicine as he strongly emphasizes on using a combination of both to maximize the benefits of TCM, with acupuncture as an ‘external’ treatment and Chinese herbs as an ‘internal’ one. However, depending on your medical problem, there are sometimes exceptions where only one of the treatment methods is necessary. Besides this, if required, Dr Ling may also perform physical manipulations of your soft tissues, provide dietary advice, and recommend changes to your lifestyle.

As for the frequency and duration of your treatment plan, it depends largely on the severity of your medical condition and how long it has been a problem. As a rough guideline, Dr Ling generally recommends 2-3 sessions per week of acupuncture for acute problems such as gastritis to get immediate positive results, whereas for chronic problems such as insomnia, it may require up to twelve sessions per month for visible results. Chinese herbal medicine wise, formulas to restore internal organ functions may require weeks or even months of use, whereas formulas for colds can show positive results in just a few hours’ time.

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