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From the world’s leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) university
Dr Ling graduated with Bachelor of Medicine from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the world's leading TCM university.

Highly experienced
Dr Ling was based at some of Shanghai's largest TCM hospitals. He also has the experience of running a busy medical clinic in Malaysia. Thus he is widely exposed to all areas of medicine.

Practices integrated medicine
Although Dr Ling practices TCM, he actually majors in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Therefore he possesses the best of both worlds thus has a comprehensive understanding of your health issues which enables him to come up with the best and most suitable approach towards solving your concerns.

Registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner
Dr Ling is a legally registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. Thus you are guaranteed a medical service that is of high quality, safe and hygienic.

Gentle, patient and vibrant personality
Besides being a good listener, Dr Ling is also well-known for his great sense of humour!

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