Dr Scott Ling’s approach to life and medicine

What makes Dr Scott Ling Unique?

Patient Connection

He views you as a unique individual rather than a diagnosis and believes that forming a genuine relationship is the key to trust and achieving results

East & West Integration

Trained in both Eastern and Western medicine, he combines the two approaches to support your health from a broader perspective

Effective Communication

He uses simple and relatable language to provide full transparency regarding your health, while taking the time to answer all your questions

World Class Education & Experience

PhD from China’s top medical university
15 years of experience in China, Malaysia and Australia
Trained in both Eastern and Western medicine

See the Forest, Not Just the Trees

Nothing exists in isolation, and Chinese medicine views the person as a whole
“I see my patients as a family, I want to go above and beyond for them.”

Address the impacts of stress & negative emotions

Emotional stress factors always play a role in any ailment
Dr Scott Ling has developed effective methods to address these symptoms and speed recovery and response to treatment
“Western medicine is important and Chinese medicine is important. Having this knowledge allows us to treat the patient from both perspectives.”

The Link Between East and West

Dr Scott Ling is trained in both Eastern and Western medicine to approach health
from a broader angle
Worked in public hospitals in Shanghai and collaborates with many Australian healthcare professionals
Communicates with Australian healthcare practitioners using Western medical terminology

Mind-Body Connection

The connection between how our mind impacts our health is one of the most important factors in Chinese medicine
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been addressing the mind-body connection for 5,000
Great Chinese medicine practitioners will identify
issues in mind-body connections and underlying causes within the first consultation

Patient-centred Treatment

Extensive experience working with GPs, specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors
and more
Each patient has unique needs and Dr Ling works with your personal care team to reach the best outcome
Works with specialists such as neurologists and gynaecologist to address complex medical issues

want to know more?

If you're interested in acupuncture or considering booking a session, I'm here to guide you. As a licensed practitioner with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, I offer consultations aimed at discussing ways to potentially improve your health and well-being.